Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 Apr 2010

Today was a wonderous day!! It was in the low 70s without a cloud in the sky. I went out to Huntley Meadows and hit my lake on the way back. I did see another Eastern Bluebird at the meadows but the picture didn't turn out. The most interesting sight was a lister. He had glassed a bird as it went by and then wrote down on his "list" what it was and how many. But, he tried to do it so I wouldn't see him. Then when I walked by and said "hi", he just grunted. It made me chuckle.

Today was also sparrow day out at Huntley Meadows. I got a nice picture of a Song Sparrow which is a permanent resident and a Swamp Sparrow which is a winter resident.

Song Sparrow

Swamp Sparrow

I also caught a picture of an Eastern Phoebe down at the lake. It is a summer resident and is a flycatcher.

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