Tuesday, February 22, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XIV

Birding is like a box a chocolates.. you never know what you are gonna get...

Some days when the weather is crappy and you have been to the same place over and over and haven't seen birds, one tends to break with the plan and go somewhere else. Today could have been one of those days.

But, I stuck with the plan. I went down by the lake and saw lots of birds even though I had been down there recently and there just weren't a lot of birds to be found. The weather was cold, windy and a little foggy today, but the birds were out everywhere. Because we are closing in on March, it seems like the birds are on the move.

I found a flock of Hermit Thrushes on the trail. New bird for me. Thanks new Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America.

Hermit Thrush

Hermit Thrush, a winter visitor to NOVA

I also got a very good picture of a Northern Mockingbird.

Very clear picture of a Northern Mockingbird

This Red-winged Blackbird wasn't very happy with me.

Seemed a little miffed.

Over the last year or so, whenever I check out someone else's post and they have pictures of Cedar Waxwings, I post "wish I could see those." Well, I stayed with the plan. Even though I have walked by that same tree dozens and dozens of times, today the Cedar Waxwings were there.

Cedar Waxwing

The Cedar Waxwing is a permanent resident of Northern Virginia. This will be added to my list!!!! Finally...

Remember, like a box of chocolates, stick with the plan.


  1. Hiya Steve,
    That is a nice thing to aim for: all the local birds on your blog.
    That Hermit Thrush reminds me of our Wren.

  2. Lovely images here..... sometimes the simple habitat shots are the best, I think you did pretty well with these species.

    Glad you got your Waxies and Hermit Thrush

  3. You managed a good selection.
    That Northern Mockingbird is a beauty.

  4. Waxwings seem to be ghost birds. There movements are unpredictable at best. So cool to see you chalking up firsts!

  5. Great birds and congrats on your lifers. The Hermit Thrush is a beautiful bird and I love the Waxwings.

  6. Congrats on adding the Cedar Waxwings to your Life List! I love the saying...it is so true.:)

  7. Nice group of birds here! I've seen Cedar Waxwings only once and was not able to get a very good shot. They are so beautiful!

  8. Sometimes the most rewarding trips out to look for birds are the times you're surprised by what you find! Nice capture of the red-winged blackbird!