Thursday, May 6, 2010

6 May 2010

I walked over to the lake to check on the geese. When I got all the way over to the nest, it was empty. There was no mommy and looked like 1 egg still in it. (click on all of the pictures for a more detailed picture).

I'm not sure what it means, but I hope it doesn't mean that the nest is now abandoned. I saw 2 adult geese with 1 baby nearby but couldn't get a great picture. I walked a little farther around the lake and was startled when a hawk flew right at me and landed in a tree nearby. A jogger came by and it flew farther back down the trail. I walked right up to it and got some great pictures. While I was taking the pictures, a high schooled aged boy walked over and was as much in awe of the hawk as I was. It was very cool to see that he cared. It really looks like a Red- shouldered Hawk which is a permanent resident of NOVA

I got to the other side of the lake and there was a large flock of geese. It looked a little like fight club as they were going at it. Right in the middle were 8 baby geese sitting on a little island. They swam right over to where I was was.

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  1. You got some wonderful photos! I especially loved the baby geese all congregated together!