Wednesday, December 15, 2010

World Bird Wednesday #4

I was on a trip and missed World Bird Wednesday #3. I even had a picture saved on my work laptop to participate but it was a no go. I must really be obsessed with birding.

Here is my entry for this week's WBW #4. It is the Great Blue Heron. No matter what time of the day, how cold or how warm it is, I can normally find a Great Blue Heron at the lake and get a new great picture of it.

Last year I noticed only 1. This year I believe that our lake is up to either 3 or 4 herons. We had a lot of snow last year, but it seems like the bird population survived and may have even thrived over that time.

Great Blue Heron


  1. I love the GB Heron. A British Grey Heron fetures in my post on WBW.

  2. Blue Herons are so photogenic are they not? I missed a good one the other day after the Pine River had frozen up. Mind you, it's pretty dark around 4:30 or so and I was ready to leave for Detroit. It is my habit before I leave home for a few days to walk around the house and by the river just to soak it in a little. I had left the camera in the car telling myself that I just needed to BE and not camera crazy for a change. When I got near the bank I saw a large bird sitting on a stump in the ice. I could not make it out so rather than 'being' I hustled back to the car and grabbed the T2i. I fumbled with the camera when i reached the high bank and took three miserable shots of a GBH on the ice pack and then taking off. Ouch!
    Your Heron is lovely, Great catch! ;-)WBW

  3. Great to watch these birds fish. They stand like statues, until the lightning strike of that bill.

  4. Beautiful shot of the Great Blue Heron stalking its prey Steve!

  5. We have Great Blue Herons here. I am amazed at their size. You really got a great capture of one!