Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back again

I was walking around the lake today and I saw something that made me wonder why birds build nests in the same places year after year. Last year there was a Canadian Goose that built its nest right off the trail on a small peninsula. Well, guess what. Either that same goose (probably) or another goose has decided to build a nest this year in the same exact spot. It is within a foot or less from last years. I did a little Google searching to see if I could come up with an answer as to why they would do that. I couldn’t come up with any more than "It’s a matter of instinct.” and “they are hard-wired” “like robots”. There are a hundred better places to make their nest, but for some reason they want to build it right off the trail were a hundred people walk by every day.  I wish them luck again this year.

Nesting on the peninsula.

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