Saturday, March 5, 2011

More signs that Spring is springing

For a 2nd consecutive Friday, I was able to get out to Dykes Marsh and again the place was overrun with American Robins. Usually I see a few sporadically throughout the winter, so seeing so many made me think that the waves of Robins heading north has begun. Thanks to and Laura Erickson for all of this great information on Robins.

Waves of American Robins

Basically the red triangles are waves of Robins observed in Feb and the red circles have been observed in March. They will be arriving soon in MN, Wisc, and MI in greater numbers.

One the many American Robins that were out eating at Dykes Marsh.

 Here is a link to the site for more information on the progress of the 2011 American Robin migration.

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