Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Odds and ends - World Bird Wednesday XVIII

This is going to be an odds and ends post to catch everyone up on what I have been up to here in Northern Virginia.

The Osprey is done with his/her nest and will probably have eggs in it soon.

Nest done

The blooms are out and the bees are already busy.

Bee doing its thing

I put out an array of materials for the birds to line their nest.

Calling all birds, Come and get some free materials for your nest

Ruby-throated hummingbirds have been spotted in Virginia already so I have the hummingbird feeder filled up and put up. I heard that there is a chance of snow on Sunday. Oh well...

Feeder ready for another season

I saw a total summer bird when I was out for a walk this weekend. There were Tree Swallows all over the Potomac River and one actually stopped long enough for a quick pic.

Tree Swallow

Sorry for the odds and ends, but it is Spring and there is always a lot to talk about.


  1. Great photos. It's nice that the Osprey nest is where you will be able to see the young ones. The ones around here are too far up in tall trees to catch more than a glimpse of a head.

  2. A great time of the year, spring.
    I hope your Hummingbirds enjoy the feast that you have for them.

  3. That is a phenomenal idea for sharing nesting materials! I always throw the stuff out on the lawn. That is about to change! I really loved this post. Such a pretty look at spring. To bad we got hit with 8 inches of March snow today just when I had seen the first crocus two days ago!

  4. Lovely group of "odds and ends" - I plan to use your idea for nesting materials!

  5. Great post Steve. I'm sure the hummers will be around soon. Tree Swallows arriving certainly herald the coming of Spring and the Osprey nest, how cool is that? I hope to see some more photos of the Osprey!

  6. Nice photos... I keep meaning to check if my favorite osprey have returned to their nest.. On my list of things to do this weekend! Hope you don't get too much snow!