Tuesday, March 1, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XV

This week is ducky. Literally. I am going to post some of the pictures of ducks I took last Friday. The weather was great and the ducks were out everywhere. Seems like they were tired of the cold dreary weather and wanted to stretch their wings. I am not going to post every species of duck I saw, just some of the more interesting pictures.

There was a flock of Northern Pintails. This is a new bird to my posts. The Northern Pintail hangs out in Northern VA in the winter.

Northern Pintail

Here is a Green-winged Teal that flew by.

You were fast, but I got ya

Same with this Mallard. I liked the water falling off it's feet.

My feet got wet.

I didn't notice the turtle with the Hooded Mergansers until I got home.
Check out the turtle.


  1. Great bag of ducks but that Northern Pintail got me. I have never seen or envisaged that sort of tail on a duck and the bill seems longer and more pointed than a 'normal' duck's.
    I really admire your flight shots.

  2. Great shots of the ducks Steve! Your in-flight shots are super!

  3. Great selection of birds Steve. I love the Hooded Mergansers; real beauties. And excellent flight captures.

  4. Great flight shots. Well done.

  5. Thanks everyone... Your nice comments keep me motivated to try and get good shots.

  6. Great shots of the ducks, Steve! I always enjoy seeing great flight shots. Mine never turn out.

  7. wow, You've got great quick hands! Great catches and the turtle perched with the ducks is awesome.

  8. Really nice group of photos! I like the Mallard in flight also.