Tuesday, March 29, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XIX

Wow... I can't believe another week has passed by and it is World Bird Wednesday again. Where does the time go?

I spent a great deal of time since the last WBW staking out the hummingbird feeder hoping to see the first Ruby-throated flier of the year. I haven't see one yet, but it is just a matter of time.

The birds in my backyard seemed to have paired off. I have seen pairs of Doves, Chickadees, Cardinals, Wrens and Woodpeckers around. Here are a few pictures of my backyard birds that came in while I was scoping out the Hummingbird feeder.

Mourning Doves

Slick looking like devil was feeding like crazy the past few days.

Getting his color back

Couldn't get the chickadees to stay still. They have way too much energy right now.


A little bit like abstract art.


  1. Beautiful birds - and I like the motion blur in the last couple of photos.

  2. Love those chickadees with whirring wings! And the cardinal is so bright! Beautiful photos!

  3. Great photo of the Cardinal.

  4. YES! We are rubbing our hands in anticipation of the great things to come when our spring finally arrives but first things first...I have to finish shoveling the driveway!

  5. Great set of beautiful birds. Well done.

  6. Great yard birds! I sure wish we had those beautiful cardinals out here!

  7. Great shots! I agree with you about the Chickadee - I can't get a decent shot.

  8. You have some beautiful birds. Lovely images.

  9. Great images!!! I love the abstract flying chickadee--its really cool.