Saturday, May 7, 2011

2 new birds

I had to get up extra early on this fine Saturday morning, so I decided to make the most of it. After running my errand, I headed over to Dykes Marsh. Talk about a gorgeous morning! I was the only one out there this morning and I had the place to myself. I walked out to the point and found 2 new bird species for me, and got a male and female of one. Cute little birds that are both summer residents to Northern Virginia. The first is the Common Yellow-throat.

Male Common Yellow-throat

Male Common Yellow-throat

The other new bird is the Orchard Oriole. I got a picture of both the male and female.

Male Orchard Oriole

Female Orchard Oriole

All these birds and some more that I will put for World Bird Wednesday were all out on a little point of land, flying back and forth between trees.

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  1. What a lovely scroll through your post. You've got some nice captures there!! Quite the assortment.