Tuesday, May 3, 2011

World Bird Wednesday - XXIV

Many times as I am walking and taking bird pictures, I have no idea exactly what bird I haven't taken a picture of until I am able to get back home and review the photos. Today was another day like that. I took a picture of a small brown striped bird. It's not like every bird is small, brown or striped, right? I leafed through the sparrows but couldn't find one that was close. Then it dawned on me, female Red-winged Blackbird. For whatever reason, that bird continues to confuse me. I also bite off on a different bird type until I remember the Blackbird family. Maybe it should be called a Red-winged Brownbird.

Tough bird to call

I had to add this picture since the Tree Swallow was so colorful.

A Darn good picture.

This little Eastern Phoebe seems a little shy.

A little camera shy.

I am not a turtle guy. Someone on the trail told me that this was a Snapping Turtle. Ok... sounds good to me. In 5 years I had not seen this turtle in the lake. The thing that struck me was the massive size of it. Trust me, it was huge. I wonder if this started out in some child's bowl on their desk.

Snapping Turtle?

Time to go get something to eat. See ya next week.


Want some?


  1. Haha I love the birds with their mouths stuffed!

  2. Haha - it's sure good to know I am not the only one to take photos and ID them later at home! All nice photos but I especially like the little blue bird with the nut in its beak.

  3. I just envy you for fantastic possibility to meet (for me) exotic birds and find a ...turtle passing by, even you are not a turtle man. So nice shots!

  4. Great colleciton of birds. That Rw Blackbird can be confusing.

  5. What's in a name?
    I'd be dead chuffed to get a snap of any bird up a tree. And ours in the UK are almost always brown and striped :-)

  6. Female red-wings are hard to find and call. Nice going. Boom 7 Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  7. A great post and very beautiful images. Bravo!

  8. The first photo is a female Red-winged Blackbird. Great captures!

  9. Dam, a darn good picture! Agreed!
    Hey, watch out for those snapping turtles they are no joke.
    Good call on the LBB ID problem. I to take pictures of every Little Brown Bird just in case. I have been delightfully surprised many times. Good Show!

  10. A lovely series.
    Your birds are beautiful to see.

  11. It is a tough call..could be a tricolored blackbird?
    LOVE the swallow shot its dam good...lol
    And those greedy feeder shots are awesome. Any critter that has the word "snapping" in its name is a Keep Away Sign for me.

  12. Love all the birds and the turtle,thanks for sharing them!