Tuesday, May 24, 2011

World Bird Wednesday XXVII - different locations

I went to several local Northern Virginia birding spots this week after I got back from a business trip. I am really blessed to have so many different spots to go to and be able to see birds. Each different spot has its own unique natural features and of course attracts different kinds of birds. I am even able to sit in my backyard and have many different species of birds come in to eat. Today's entry will be about different locations.

Dykes Marsh:

This is one of my favorite river areas and has the Osprey nest that I love to view. When I was down there this time, I talked with a young gentleman that was fishing nearby. He told me that he has been coming to that spot for 12 years and that the Ospreys have had a nest in the same spot for all of them. Although I didn't see it, he showed me a picture he took of the 1 baby Osprey in the nest this year. 

If you look really close that this picture, you will see a Sparrow in the front of the nest as well.

Dykes Marsh

The Lake:

There was a Spotted Sandpiper family out at the lake this week.

The Lake

My Backyard:

I have been watching both a male and female Brown-headed Cowbird that have been munching at my feeders and then in the grass. 

The male in my Backyard

The female in my Backyard


  1. You have some great places to go birding. It is always cool to watch the Osprey. Great photos.

  2. Ha, did you tell the cowbirds to make the same pose?!

  3. You're fortunate to have these different birding sites! I've never seen a Brown-headed Cowbird, handsome guy.

  4. Great sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. Well I will be dang! That is a male House Sparrow perched on the Osprey nest. Nice captures!

  6. Nice range of habitats to enjoy. That is one brave, or perhaps foolhardy sparrow. Thanks for the tour!

  7. Very nice captures! I really like the Osprey on the nest.

  8. A lovely post to read.
    Great series of images of your beautiful wildlife.

  9. I live in Bethesda, MD and have not ever been to Dykes Marsh... must arrange a visit in the fall during migratory season... my summer is pretty full already!

    Lovely images, especially of those Cowbirds. I now know what the mystery bird (female cowbird) is in my garden this year. I've only seen the males before! (Even though they aren't the best of birds as far as the rest of the bird kingdom is concerned, they are quite pretty!)

  10. Nice captures of a variety of birds!